Cu Corrugated Jaw-Clamp According to DIN Standard

Group 218_A Category

DIN 48201


For copper conductors



High strength cooper alloy (CuNi2Si)


Stainless steel.
Two bolts acc. to DIN 933.
Two bolts according to DIN 931 (BM).
Option to high strength copper alloy (F60).

Conical Washers:

Steel, corrosion protected DIN 6796

Corrugated jaw-clamps have been developed for full tension and current-carrying connections of copper conductors. The corrugated clamp channels are additionally grooved and allow the connection of both equal and different conductor cross sections.
All components of the clamp are captive. For installation, the clamp need not be disassembled. The bolts of the clamp are turned back up to the stop and subsequently the conductors are inserted from the side.

Minimum torque moments:
M8 : 20Nm
BM8 : 20Nm
M10 : 39Nm
BM10 : 39Nm

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