Who are we at Kfar Menachem?

When you say “durable high-quality products for the electricity industry” – you mean “Kfar Menachem”. Products that endure for many years, in all weather conditions, are produced in large quantities and provide an all-inclusive solution for almost every need in the industry, – this is exactly what Kfar Menachem has to offer

Our factory has the most advanced know-how in the metal industry for the electric industry, all professionally executed by experts in the field. Our technologies do not cease to innovate and improve, in order to offer the industry the most advanced, powerful and high-quality products.

It is worth knowing that the products manufactured in the plant comply with international standards and regulations, so that the production is intended not only for the local market. We export close to 50% of the products to the international market, mainly in Europe.

A little history

KMMW was founded in 1943 in Kibbutz Kfar Menachem by immigrants from Germany, and the vision that guided the founders was to bring the German engineering and production that were then famous for their precision and innovation, to Israel.

Since then, we have not stopped developing and growing, learning new innovative technologies, and renewing the plant departments and production lines. The vision was always to move forward and adapt the experience and knowledge to the developing and emerging market.

Today, the company manufactures various metal and plastic products for the electricity industry, as well as other industries.

Perfect service and customer-adapted solutions

Kfar Menachem provides the best answers and solutions for any company, engineer, consultant, contractor or wholesaler in the field of electricity. The plant provides an all-encompassing solution for every industry need. Ranging from high quality and sophisticated metal products – used mainly for electrical connections, through useful plastic products in the electrical industry, to tools suitable for working with metal and plastic products.

In addition, we have the resources and the ability to respond even when large quantities are required, to be delivered immediately.

In certain cases, new products are designed and implemented at the plant on demand, adapted to the customer’s needs and for specific use.

Maglan Plastic Products

Maglan Plastics is a subsidiary of Kfar Menachem Metal Works (KMMW) in Kfar Menahem, and it manufactures all types of plastic products for the electricity industry. The company is a leader in its field and has advanced computerized machinery for plastic injection.

Like the parent company KMMW, Maglan also maintains high standards of product quality, perfect and professional finish, and uncompromising service and customer satisfaction.