The revolutionary experiment that proved the quality of our products

What is the difference between Kfar Menachem products and other similar products?

We tried to explain this to an electrical engineer who did a “market survey” and found small discrepancies in prices between us and our competitors. We have informed him that our product is durable for at least thirty years, compared with the competing product that wears out and increases corrosion after a period of 10 years, and then another one needs to be purchased and replaced.

“How can it be proven?” The engineer replied, “In 10 years I will probably not be in this position, and certainly not in 30 years.”

We picked up the gauntlet, and carried out an experiment designed to demonstrate proof of our product’s durability, compared to the competitor’s product.

The experiment

The experiment was carried out in a salt chamber. In this type of cell, natural aging can be imitated by soaking the product in salt and other chemicals. Try to simulate different levels of obsolescence, and then examine the results. The experiment examined the results of different levels of material wear on our product and the competitor’s product.

The results were amazing and unambiguous: Our product is durable for many years, maintaining its quality and original shape, compared with the competitor’s product, which showed signs of wear and tear after the aging process.

The proof

The images below describe the stages of the experiment, and one cannot be mistaken about what emerges from the pictures: a product of Kfar Menachem developed much less corrosion and preserved its quality and shape, as opposed to the competing product, which was no longer useable after the aging and exposure to corrosive chemical substances.