Production processes in the metal plant

All under one roof

The buildings of the Kfar Menachem factory are spread over a large area, which enables it to accommodate the various production departments with all the machinery and equipment required to produce the most advanced auxiliary products and accessories in the market in the electrical industry.

Kfar Menachem provides the best answers and solutions for any company, engineer, consultant, contractor or wholesaler in the field of electricity. The plant provides an all-encompassing solution for every industry need. Ranging from high quality and sophisticated metal products – used mainly for electrical connections, through plastic products used in the electrical industry, to tools suitable for working with metal and plastic products

Moreover, we have the resources and the ability to provide a solution in times of emergency, when a fast delivery and large amounts are required

In some cases, the plant will develop new products on demand, as necessary to fulfill the needs of the client to suit their specific use.

The process

Most of the products at the plant go through a rather similar process with 5 stages:

Hot forming and the ovens

The raw material enters the assembly line through a saw to the press (hot forming). There are two lines of presses: one is for Bimetal products (products based on aluminum and copper together) and the other for one metal, i.e. products based on aluminum only or copper only. The presses perform initial processing of the raw material from metal rods to the desired form.

Cold forming department

After the product is shaped by hot-pressing, the cold pressing separates the product from the residue.

Chemistry Department

The product is cleaned, the graphite is removed from the product, and then it is immersed in bathtubs filled with various chemicals, designed to improve the quality of the product.

Chip processing

We have 6 machining centers designed to create holes, circles, corners, taps, and other shapes in the products. The chip processing actually produces the final finishes in the product design. .

Assembly, packaging, quality control (the final check-up), dye and lacquer department

Here the products are prepared for marketing out, precisely and meticulously, to the level of quality packaging carton. In addition, various products are painted here with epoxy paint that prevents the formation of corrosion on the surface of aluminium.

Cable shoes, however, undergo a slightly different process: they are delivered directly to the chip processing department from the friction welding department (explanation on technologies page). Then they proceed to the Assembly and Packing departmentand quality control.

Tools Department

This is another department that is not part of the main production process. Here we produce the inprints, moulds and everything used to assemble and manufacture the products manufactured in the factory. This is our most accurate department. That means, if the accuracy of the product is down to the millimetre level, the tool class will have a precision level of one tenth of a millimetre.

At the end of the process, everything that comes out of the factory is at the highest and most professional finishing level available in the market, perfect and meticulous products that meet all the safety and professional needs in the industry exactly.