How do the work processes take place at the plastics factory?

Work process in the plastic factory

As in the metal factory, our plastic factory is also working on producing the highest quality items for the electric industry, and with a professional finish that is perfect for your complete satisfaction.

In this factory the production process is simple. The knowledge is in the process of preparing the moulds, as well as the precise mixing of the various materials that constitute the raw materials (e.g. paint, flame retardants, etc.). In addition, emphasis is placed on the exact operation of the machine so that it produces the highest quality finished product. At the end of the process you will receive plastic products that are tailored to your purpose and serve your needs perfectly.

The injection department

In this department we can see different injection machines in a descending tonnage. At first, the plastic granules are poured into a kind of funnel, and from there the grains are poured into the machine. What distinguishes one machine from another is the injection power of the plastic. High injection pressure (380 tons) is suitable for a large product such as CI box, low pressure (100 tons) suitable for small plastic product such as the head of a screw. Usually each product is manufactured in one machine, but sometimes it is possible to combine 2 machines or 2 staff members in the same machine for one product.

Assembly department

Assembly Department – this is a department where the work is carried out manually, composing and assembling various plastic parts of the same product into one unit. For example, mounting of fasteners on plastic trays with circuit breakers for street light poles, tightening the bolts and more.

Electrical assembly department + final check-up

In this department, the trays or service boxes are wired according to the customer’s request, and are prepared for marketing.

Wiring (dictionary) = Connection or separation of electrical wires and cables.