Custom products and solutions

Our line of products is varied and adapted to a wide range of needs and uses. Almost every customer can get a custom-made product.  This is especially true for the complex products, such as plastic trays with circuit breakers for street light poles and electrical service panel boxes. When municipalities or other customers come to purchase these products, their requirements and needs vary a great deal, especially with respect to the size of the fixtures and types of wiring, depending on the plastic trays with circuit breakers for street light poles they use. There is also a difference in the standard – trays with a DALI standard are considered more qualitative, compared to trays without a DALI standard

To offer the customer exactly what they need

In one case there was a customer who asked for a service box with a Chinese circuit breaker of 125mA, in fact he asked for a product in a lineup that is very difficult to obtain. Having invested much effort, we found a supplier for him, who could provide him with this specific product composition. This case accurately reflected our determination to make every effort to give the customer what they want, even if we could have persuaded him to buy another product that is more accessible and easier for us to obtain.

Developing new products for start-ups

On occasion, there are cases, that are rare, but they do occur in the plant from time to time, and those are the cases of developing a new product at the exact demand of a customer.

For example, in one case, for a large company, we manufactured an irrigation solution called “Ashusheet”, i.e., a metal part that connects two pipes coming directly at each other, with a sprinkler at the center. The unique solution required here is a product that will withstand high dynamic pressures of the water stream. This is because the water in the irrigation pipes does not flow regularly and under constant pressure, but the flow changes according to the needs of the land and the use designed by the farmer. We called this solution the creative name “Ashusheet” …

The uniqueness of this product is that it is tailored to the client’s needs and at his request.

We can say with certainty that our impressive resume and rich knowledge come to our aid when we work on providing solutions, even those that do not exist, for any need for a product made of metal or plastic.