Quality and standards

ISO-9001 certification

The Kfar Menachem Metal Works (KMMW) plant understands that quality and reliability are paramount in the industry in which it operates. As a result, even before the plant was certified in the ISO-9001 standard in 1995, as well as now, KMMW always strives not only to uphold the standards of quality, but to exceed them.

No less than the best

It all starts with raw materials; all of the raw materials used by Kfar Menachem undergo quality control, and it uses only screws rated 8.8 or higher. Maintaining high production standards throughout the process ensures that the quality of each and every product is uniformly high.

The production process is always under supervision, and routine inspections are carried out at all stages of production, including the stage of assembling the products. Kfar Menachem aspires to the rate of 0% defective products. Quality products and satisfied customers are the motto of Kfar Menachem.

All production divisions contribute to ensuring optimal quality. Quality testing of products is carried out only in laboratories authorized by the European Union and within the quality control process. Before a product is sent to the customer, it undergoes a quality assurance check in the mechanical laboratory located in the factory.

In addition to being classified as an ISO 9001 company, Kfar Menachem also received the Green Industry Award from the Israel Standards Institute.

Green standards

The Kfar Menachem Metal Works (KMMW) plant believes it would be illogical to harm the environment in order to produce products designed to improve the quality of life and our world.

To ensure that KMMW meets the Green Standards, it cooperates with the Ministry of the Environmental Protection. The Ministry supervises the use of hazardous materials in the plant, including collecting the sludge and transporting it to a central authorized waste disposal site.

The plant is careful to use environmentally friendly materials and recycling as much as possible. All waste products of the plant are sold to authorized and regulated recycling sites.

In 2008, the KMMW plant received the “Green Label” awarded by the Ministry of the Environmental Protection, confirming that all its products comply with the strictest environmental protection criteria.