HPI130-C Hand Operated Hydraulic Crimping Tool 'intercable'

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Technical Characteristics:

  • Sturdy and compact structure
  • Snap closure crimping head; rotates 270°
  • Quick feed with double hydraulic cylinder
  • Single hand use by inner side handle
  • Automatic pressure safety valve
  • Manual return at any position by turning the main handle
  • Tool dimensions: 222X561X78 mm
  • Tool weight: 6.6 kg

Set Equipment:

  • Test report
  • Manual crimping tool
  • Plastic case for crimping tool and 9 crimping dies

HPI130-C Hand Operated Hydraulic Crimping Tool
Compression Section Maximum Stroke Compression Force Operating Pressure
max.400 mm² 30 mm 130 kN 700 bar (70 MPa)
Set crimping tool
Description Cat. No. Dimensions Weight
Set crimping tool101404120700X260X105 mm8.2 kg

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