Kfar Menachem Metal Works (KMMW) has turned the use of CNC machinery and, as a consequence, what these machines manufacture, into an art form. Having a CNC machine is simply not enough, it is the people behind the machine who extract the best results from the machinery and this is where KMMW excels.

The Best for the Best

It is KMMW’s commitment to not only having the best CNC machinery but having this machinery in the hands of the best practitioners that makes the KMMW difference. Staff is continually apprised of the latest developments in this technology and their skill set upgraded as required to ensure that the most demanding orders are completed on time and to a standard that at a very minimum meets customer requirements.

Although modern CNC systems may still maintain a faint resemblance to the first machines created almost half a century ago, their sophistication and capabilities have developed greatly. How the machine is initially configured can make or break a production run. And this is before even programming the CNC machine to produce the parts as precisely as possible.

An Art Form of Team Success

In fact, operating a CNC machine today is a team effort. Although the process is highly automated as it is an end-to-end process comprising CAD and CAM programs, it is still the human element behind the scenes that ultimately determines the success of the manufacture. Tooling and re-tooling of machines requires great skill. In short, although the ultimate operation of a CNC machine is an automated process, until arriving at this stage, the process is all too human. It is an art form though when the produced part totally matches the original CAD design.

Together with the CAD department, KMMW’s CNC capabilities are part of a well organized and highly qualified team with unparalleled expertise in the creation of parts via CNC. No part is too small or complex for the KMMW CNC operators.

Just because a process is mechanized doesn’t necessarily make it foolproof or easy. CNC machines can bring outstanding results when in the right hands. At KMMW, the parts created from CNC machines are always to specification due to the competence of the team that extracts the best possible results from the machinery.