Hot Forging

Hot forging is one of the oldest forms of metalworking. It is a technology whereby raw items are heated and then deformed to the desired shape by the application of mechanical powered special tools. The improvement of mechanical properties and product quality are a very important achievement of this process.

Hot forging has come a long way since the days of the smith with his hammer and anvil. These days hot forging is a science using state-of-the-art technology as much as it is an art form. With the modern presses manufacturing parts weighingfrom less than 2.2 lbs (1kg) to in excess of 500 metric tons, hot forging has become an integral part of industry – one in which KMT’s forging subsidiary, Kfar Menachem Metal Works (KMMW), has forged a pre-eminent position.

Utilizing a 400 ton and 800 ton automatic press as well as a production line that includes a number of smaller presses up to 120 ton, KMMW hot forges aluminum and copper parts with a weight of up to 1kg and even up to 1.5kg, depending on the complexity of the part to be forged.

The KMMW Difference

KMMW specializes in hot forging of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, brass, and stainless steel.As a supplier of both standard and customized items, KMMW has the in-house design and development expertise to account for the numerous and diverse requirements of the most demanding jobs and clients.

We have successfully overcome the most common problems associated with hot forging such as imprecise tolerances, potential warping during cooling, varying structures of the grain of the metal, and potential reactions between the metal and the surrounding atmosphere. And it is this commitment to providing the highest quality that differentiates KMMW, and ensures that KMMW remains an ISO-9001 compliant company.

Although KMMW has developed an expertise in accessories for overhead and underground electrical lines, our extensive product line also includes aluminum clamps, copper clamps, bi-metallic clamps, cable lugs, compression joints, agriculture parts, automotive parts, and parts for other applications.

One-Stop Shopping

KMMW is a completely vertically integrated manufacturer of high quality hot forged parts. From product design to tool design, tool production to hot forging production, trimming, cleaning, machining (when required), and assembly; all processes take place at the one manufacture.

KMMW has its own thermal treatment and chemical cleaning departments where the products from the hot forging presses are processed further. The chemical cleaning department is fully automated and was built according to the strictest environmental regulations. Similarly, the company has its own CAD department for drawings required for the preparation and production of dies, all of which are produced in-house. This department provides assistance and support in developing products for clients.

As testament to KMMW’s capabilities in this field, in excess of 50% of itsproducts are exported. Most exports are to European countries such as Germany, France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Cyprus, and Austria. These countries have a rich tradition in hot forging yet turn to KMMW for their most demanding jobs. Australia, Africa, and South East Asia are other prominent export markets for KMMW.

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