Friction Welding

When lead times and volume characteristics of a job are not conducive to hot forging, Kfar Menachem Metal Works (KMMW) offers its clients the option of its high quality, state-of-the-art friction welding capabilities that will ensure products are delivered on time and according to the highest and most accurate industry specifications.

Friction Welding Advantages

A repetitive process with homogeneous results, friction welding is a viable and cost-effective alternative when lead times and rapid turnaround are of critical importance. Whether it is for prototype or production purposes, friction welding at KMMW is a prudent and practical technology for quality control, testing, process analysis, and design engineering.

Friction welding is used to bind/connect two pieces of material using friction and pressure so a local binding of the pieces at the crystal and grain level of the material without smelting is created. Furthermore, in some cases it can be applied to bind two different materials.

Main advantages of this process include:

  • Involves only local heating – no smelting process keeps material properties almost unaffected
  • Very even and uniformed connection
  • Strength of weld is greater than the strength of components
  • Rapid and effective process

Other advantages of friction welding include:

  • Small and narrow heat-affected zones due to quick joining times and direct heat at the weld interface
  • Enables the joining of dissimilar materials
  • Reduced material costs in bi-material applications
  • Melt-free resulting in minimal or no grain growth
  • Minimal preparation as the process cleans the surface of the welded materials and potentially, depending on method and materials, removes dirt and debris
  • A full strength bond with no additional weight and exceptional strength in critical areas
  • Slag and porosity free due to the process being solid state
  • No minimum volume requirements so is suitable for samples as well as full scale production
  • The ability to select a suitable material for a blank optimizes design flexibility
  • Environmentally friendly

The KMMW Advantage

KMMW distinguishes itself further by being the only company in Israel with the know-how to automatically weld two different types of non-ferrous metals and attain results where the weld is actually stronger than the individual metals.

We have extensive experience and expertise in binding aluminum to copper billets as required predominantly in electrical distribution lines.

KMMW’s extensive industry and process knowledge means that customer requirements can be satisfied in an optimal and fiscally responsible manner without any compromise on quality. Our ability to provide an in-house solution in all aspects of product design and specification optimization, results in the streamlining of client decision-making thus saving time, money, and frustration.

KMMW offers in-house technical expertise, design and construction, tool making, heat treatment enabling KMMW to meet all challenges and satisfy customer requirements.

Consult with KMMW to find out how we can meet all your friction welding needs.