Development & Application

Kfar Menachem Metal Works (KMMW) has extensive and diverse practical knowledge in all fields in which it operates.

This, together with our ability to perform all tasks in-house, from initial design to manufacture of the final product, enables us to supply our customers with customized items quicker. This is of vital importance as time equals money and the ability to provide quality results faster, is essential. Similarly, this one-stop-shop capability saves our customers the aggravation of having to deal with different companies for different products or different stages of the development process.

KMMW can either work together with its clients to design and develop customized products where our input and experience allows us to take into account the numerous and diverse requirements of the most demanding customers or take what the client brings and advance it to its final stage.

Our experience allows us to assist in the solving of specific technical problems encountered by our clients.

KMMW is pleased to offer its input off-site or on-site as required. The competence gained from KMMW’s 70 years in the industry across all elements of the production chain (design, initial and final mold – a very time-consuming process – sample manufacture, technical amendments, production, QC, and prompt delivery), the in-house proficiency across these diverse areas, and the desire to use this expertise to benefit its clients, are just some of the attributes that stand KMMW apart.

The process is quick, comprehensive, cost-efficient, and hassle free. The attributes of punctuality, precision, and honesty are infused in KMMW’s DNA – our word is sacrosanct and our quality and commitment to customer satisfaction is incomparable.