Standard & Quality assurance

Kfar Menachem Metal Works (KMMW) is patently aware that it services a niche where quality and reliability is of utmost importance. Consequently, even before the ISO-9001 certification of its facilities in 1995, KMMW always sought to not only meet but exceed quality requirements.

When Only the Best Will Do

It all starts with the raw materials as inferior materials result in inferior products. All KMMW’s raw materials are quality tested. Only bolts with a grading of 8.8 or higher are used. The highest standards are maintained during the whole production process resulting in uniformly high quality of output.

The production process is constantly supervised with routine testing at all points of manufacture, including when products are assembled. KMMW strives to achieve 0% rejected production. Quality products and satisfied clients are the motto of KMMW.

The computerization of virtually every facet of manufacture also ensures that QA is optimized.

Individual and costly type testing of products is performed only at European Union registered laboratories and before any product is sent to customers it undergoes QA at KMMW’s in-house mechanical laboratory as part of the quality control process.

Not only does KMMW have ISO-9001 certification, it also received the Green Mark provided by The Standards Institution of Israel.