Our service

When dealing with Kfar Menachem Metal Works (KMMW), clients gain access to over 70 years of experience in differing yet complementary technologies in which KMMW excels.

One-Stop Service

Whether it be hot forging, friction welding, plastic injection, CNC technologies, or any of the technologies that have been developed around these technologies, such as CAD and tool design and manufacture, KMMW and its subsidiary, MAGLAN, provide a comprehensive in-house, one-stop solution for your engineering requirements.

Rather than dealing with different manufacturers for different products or different stages of the development and production process, KMMW offers its customers a convenient solution that entails all parts of the development and production process at a consistently high standard of execution. This results in substantial time and cost savings as well as one point of focus for our clients, thereby streamlining their decision-making.

The Human Touch

Although technology is of vital importance in our industry, what truly differentiate KMMW is its people. Years of experience across various industries and an unparalleled commitment to excellence stand KMMW apart in an industry where others often try to cover their lack of hands-on involvement with technology. Ultimately it is people who control the machines and at KMMW this is never forgotten.

KMMW’s people are trained to the highest standards. That means that our people are not only highly skilled tradesmen, they are also human beings who can relate to others and are able to understand the requests of others. KMMW’s people may know how to operate highly complex machinery but they themselves are not machines and behave accordingly.

Technology has made the world today a global marketplace. There is a reason why over 50% of KMMW’s manufacture is exported to the four corners of the world. At KMMW, quality, efficiency, cost-savings, and unbeatable customer service are not mutually exclusive.