Maglan Plastics is the wholly owned subsidiary of Kfar Menachem Metal Works (KMMW).

Incorporated in 1996, MAGLAN is responsible for offering plastic injection services to its clients. As is the case with all in which KMMW is involved, it aspires to industry leadership also with its plastic injection operations.

Industry Leadership

MAGLAN is considered an industry leader in this field and with plastic injection machines ranging in size from 50-500 tons, no job is too small or large. The state-of-the-art machinery is capable of producing products in a diverse assortment of technical materials. Plastic products of varying sizes and specifications and orders of differing size are always completed on time and on budget.

The one-stop-solution concept behind KMMW bears fruit for its clients as KMMW produces its own production tools for its plastic products. From design to final product and delivery, KMMW offers all aspects of superior product manufacture in-house. KMMW also performs subcontracting work using molds supplied by the client.

Optimal process settings implemented in all areas of manufacture ensures that costs are minimized and productivity maximized without compromising on quality. This efficiency is passed on to customers in the form of superior products at lower cost.