About the company

Established in 1943 by immigrants from Germany, Kfar Menachem Metal Works (KMMW) was conceived with a view to bringing the best attributes of German engineering and manufacturing to a foreign country.

Initially focusing on being a sub-contractor of metal works for large factories in Israel, in 1975 KMMW acquired the rights for hot forging technology, specializing in non-ferrous metal parts.

As KMMW evolved it sought to present a comprehensive solution to its clients where all their non-ferrous metal manufacturing requirements would be met from design through to finished product. KMMW supplies both standard and customized items. Design and development of customized products take into account the numerous and diverse requirements of the most demanding customers.

Approximately 50% of KMMW’s hot forging manufacture is exported. Countries of export include Germany, France, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Cyprus, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Australia, Africa, and South East Asia.

Innovation At its Best

In 1996, KMMW established a subsidiary, MAGLAN, to offer plastic injection. KMMW manufactures a range of products using plastic injection but has found a niche in manufacturing parts for the electricity market from plastic. We also are one of the few manufacturers of combined plastic and non-ferrous metal injection.

KMMW continues to expand its niche in the electricity industry with its product line including aluminum clamps, copper clamps, bimetallic clamps, cable lugs, compression joints, and accessories for overhead and underground electrical lines. We manufacture for low, medium, and high voltage.

However, it is not only the electricity industry that benefits from our expertise as we manufacture aluminum hot forgings for agriculture, automotive parts, and other applications.

KMMW has also entered the friction welding market. The factory specializes in the welding of different non-ferrous metals using friction welding and is acknowledged as a market leader in this field. KMMW is the only company with the know-how to automatically weld two different types of non-ferrous metals and attain results where the weld is actually stronger than the individual metals.

Another expertise of the company is manufacture with CNC machinery. KMMW entered this field and excels in the manufacture of precision parts.

When Quality and Reliability Matter

KMMW is constantly evolving to incorporate the latest techniques and newest, state-of-the-art machinery so as to remain at the forefront of its fields of expertise. It is for this reason that companies both in the domestic and overseas markets turn to KMMW when fast turnaround is required without sacrificing quality, reliability, or pricing.
The company’s products are considered to be of very high quality and incredibly reliable. KMMW maintains high quality standards and since 1995 all its products are ISO-9001 compliant. As an environmentally aware company, KMMW was recognized as such in 2008 and was granted the Green Mark by The Standards Institution of Israel.